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Dan is a Brooklyn based actor working on film, theater, and commercial work.
He can be contacted at dandobransky@gmail.com

Height: 5’10” | Weight: 180 | Eyes: Hazel | Hair: Brown/Balding

Wildlife Gary McClellan Jean-Paul Tremblay, Little Action Productions
The Class Reunion Jerry Tyrik "Mr Keyz" Washington, New Music Productions
49 Minutes Dad Sanchul Shin, School of Visual Arts
Dust to Dust Bull Justin Ayers, New York University
Pegasus 1 William McHugh Matthew Smith, School of Visual Arts
Postsantaclaustrophobia Nicholas Stephanie Hummel, New York Film Academy
Pufferfish Boyfriend Andrew Boal, Boal Stuidos
The Liberation of the Fish Moritz Alex Kurz, School of Visual Arts
The Wake Uncle Bob John Copjec, Poor Bastard Films
The Foreigner Arthur Chai Dingari, New York University
Faceless Doctor Hodges Holly Buechell, New York City College
The Wallet Man with Book Chen-Chih Chen, New York Film Academy
Memories Johnathan Geoff Keough, New York University
Mr. Whiskers Mark Elin Grönblom, New York Film Academy
Oribiting Delirium Capt. Therdrick Solomon Henry Rembert, Stoopid Jupiter
Just With Words Richard Stella Iannitto, Kimistra Films
Male Pattern Male Dan Dobransky, Unisexhandicapped Prod.
Lonely & Anonymmous Hary Eliezer Shapiro, New York University
Restless & Awake Thadius Jeffrey Brice, New York University
Notes from the Underground Theo Louis Gordon, New York University
Spoiler Alert! Nate Jacob King, New York University
Staying the Night, A Lot to Show Eric Jacob King, New York University
I'm a Work of Art Phil David Diaz, Village Playwrites
Dangerous Mission James Condon Gwen Baer, Village Playwrites
The Bark of the Underdogs Chapped, Stand Up Guy Jimmy Martin, Mayamo Jimmy Productions
Pissed Phil Jason Reynolds, Genisius Productions
Dance Party USA David Jack Dyville, Friends Always Creating Theatre
Last One Out John Anders Odalis Hernandez, Asminos Playhouse
I Like Crazy Mark Jason Fernandez, Genesious Productions
Something Outrageous Various Latrey Evans, 45th Street Theatre
Six Cylinder Love Harold Winston Sofia Geier, Unity Stage Company
The Corner Café Sean RJ Passetti, Genesius Productions
New Extreme Platter Improviser Magnet Theater
Class Showcases, Level 1-4 Improviser Upright Citizens Brigade Theater NYC
The Once and Futue Nerd Traft, and various Characters Christian Madera, CTM & ZAG
Poetent R.I.P. Gabe Miller, New York University
Beatbox Box Barkhaus Aaron Kodz, New York University
Brooke and Mary Auditioning for Commercials Brooke Thomas, Mary Egan Callahan
Bruce Ornstein Acting Workshop Monologue and Scene Studies Bruce Ornstein
Magnet Theater Long Form Improv Armando Diaz
Upright Citizens Brigade Long Form Improv Chad Carter, Michael Delaney, Billy Merrit
Stuntworks Stunts & Combat Roberto Lopez, Robert Guiterrez, Kenny Wong
Physical Arts Center / Life Sports Tumbling and Trampoline Gary Lai, Tony Florez
Gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline, stunt falls & fighting, skateboarding, rock climbing, tennis, capoiera, skiing, snowboarding, long form improv, graphic design, art direction, video & animation, growing facial hair, various voices and accents (both bad and good), in possession of a passport, and helping out behind the camera as well as in front.